Tito Ortiz Out for Blood


By: Lyle Dillie

Tito “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Ortiz of Ultimate Fighting Championship Fame traveled to Arizona recently in search of blood.

On Sept. 2, Ortiz, along with the United Blood Services (UBS) of Arizona, came to the Glendale Community College Student Union to encourage scores of Phoenix’s citizens to give blood to local hospitals and doctors through the Ultimate Blood Drive 2.

“I enjoy the opportunity to help save lives here in Arizona,” explained Ortiz. “I can be happy with myself every time I look in the mirror, because God put us here to help others.”

Last year Ortiz’s mother-in-law, Jeanette Nicely, asked him to help promote a new Arizona blood donor program for the Greater Phoenix Area.

The success of the first Ultimate Blood Drive quickly outgrew the Metro Center Mall venue. The newly completed GCC Student Union turned out to be perfect for a event this size.

“The holidays are the hardest time to get donors. Almost 700 donors are needed daily in Arizona alone,” says Sue Thew, marketing and communications director for UBS of Arizona. “On average Arizona needs eight donors every 15 minutes.”

Students came out in full force for this event as over 70 had pre-registered to give blood that day.

“I came mostly for Tito, but I am a regular blood donor,” said Tom Laughlin, a student here at GCC. “I am glad he came back to Phoenix. He is the Bad Boy.”

Ortiz helped bring in over 196 donations from GCC students as well as residents of the Greater Phoenix area.

Kevin Donley, technician at Arizona Public Services, stated while giving blood, “My wife and daughter are huge fans of the UFC. They told me about the blood drive and the chance to meet Tito Ortiz. I came to see Ortiz but I have always donated blood.”

There is plenty of opportunity to give blood this semester here at GCC.

The United Blood Services of Arizona will be sending out the Bloodmobile Sept. 26 and Nov. 29 to the GCC Central Mall on Campus from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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